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Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign Currency Notes/
Traveler Cheques
Stock of foreign cash notes and traveler cheques are kept by USB BANK PLC, in order to service our customers at any time.
Spot Deals

Involvement in spot Sale and Purchase of foreign currency which is carried out for value date two business days after the dealing day.
Spot Deals can be executed in all currencies against EURO and in crosses in all major currencies.


Forward Deals Universal Bank is also active in forward foreign exchange deals in all currencies. A Forward Foreign Exchange deal specifies the amount of one currency to be exchanged for another at a future date at an exchange rate set when the deal is made.

Money Market Division

Foreign Currency deposits Acceptance of foreign currency deposits in current accounts as well as in term deposits.
Interest rates
Foreign Currency Loans USB BANK PLC offers foreign currency loans in major currencies.


Capital Market Division Participation in Government auctions concerning Treasury Bills and Government Bonds as well as Depos (Acceptance Deposits) in Open Market operations of the European Cental Bank