Savings Accounts > SAVE UP 1,3,6

The smarts accounts which combine the returns of a
savings account with the flexibility of a current account!

The SAVE UP 1,3,6 are three new Savings Accounts, which offer competitive interest rates on the account balances, and are credited to the account on a monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly basis according to the type of the account chosen.


  • Savings Accounts in Euro
  • Instant access to your funds without prior notice
  • No restriction on the frequency or the amounts to be deposited
  • Credit interest calculated on the smallest credit balance of the period (monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly), according to the type of the account and will be credited at the end of the month of the relevant period. The start date taken into consideration when calculating the interest is the date of the first credit value date.
  • Monthly statements detailing all transactions
  • Product Categories:
    • Save Up 1 – Monthly Interest Payment
    • Save Up 3 – 3-Monthly Interest Payment
    • Save Up 6 – 6-Monthly Interest Payment


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