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Loans financing the acquisition of vehicles, office equipment,
machinery, furniture and fittings etc.

Major characteristics :

  • Amount of loan is according to your business borrowing needs and financial capabilities.
  • Short or long term repayment period but preferably not exceeding 7 years.
  • Fixed interest rate at 9% based on the daily balances (not falling under flat rate like that of Hire Purchase Loan.) APR 9,47% (APR has been calculated on a hypothetical amount of EUR 1.000 over a period of one year.)
  • Registration of fixed charge (whenever applicable) or vehicle co-ownership. Any other form of security (tangible/intangible)may be obtained/requested as deemed necessary by the Bank.

How to Apply
If you want to apply for a Unifin Loan call our Customer Teleservice Centre or visit your nearest branch. If you are an ibank subscriber you can make your application online.

If you know the amount you would like, use your Loan Calculator

Important credit information
Interest rates may vary. All applications are subject to evaluation.