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gold cardRegular income people need to be part
of the most popular Payments Card in the world!

usbbank Classic Visa Credit Card gives to regular income people the opportunity to shop fast and safe
everywhere in Cyprus and abroad.

usbbank Classic Visa Credit Card offers facilities such as:

  • No subscription fee
  • Credit limit up to EUR 5.000
  • Interest free period up to 50 days if you pay in full your monthly statement balance
  • 10% minimum monthly installment of your outstanding balance
  • Cash withdrawals through the Visa worldwide ATM network
  • Access to your current/savings account through our ATM network 24-hours a day
  • Optional 'Travel Accident Insurance' with a very low fee (EUR 30 annually per primary card and EUR 15 for supplementary card)
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Participation in the 'FunPoints' customer loyalty scheme
  • SMS alert, a higher security service providing information about your transactions on your mobile phone

usbbank Classic Visa Card is offered at a Competitive Interest Rate 12,50% (APR: Annual Percentage Rate 15.77%. The APR – Annual Percentage Rate – has been calculated on the 25/08/2017, for a credit card limit of €2.000, interest rate of 12.5%, and annual subscription fee of €30.)

For more information on our products, please visit a USB Bank branch