Online transaction tips

• On the event you choose to shop online the following tips and procedures can protect you :

1. Shop from merchants with trustworthy reputation. Read their privacy policy and find out about their security features.

2. Check for the website’s security. Before you execute an online transaction (before entering the card details), check for the ‘’https’’ at the beginning of the address bar (upper left side) and for the padlock or the unbroken key icon on the address bar.

3. Once you confirm the website’s security, continue to create your account with the online merchant.

4. Once you decided about the products, check the delivery and return policy of the site and then proceed with the payment. Be sure that you printed or kept an electronic copy of the transaction details and that you have received an email confirmation from the merchant.

5. Once you printed the transaction details, log out from your account.

• Moreover the following tips are useful when online :

1. Act with care when receiving emails with links or attachments. If the sender is unknown or the email is not expected do not click on attached links or download any files but immediately delete the email.

2. Always download files or software from trusted sources such as official product sites.

3. Avoid entering card details on shared or public computers/tablets.