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The new electronic account from ibank which combines the flexibility of
a current account with the returns of a savings account

    Electronic with the ease and convenience of online banking
    Current with no ledger fees
    Savings with credit interest rate from the first Euro deposited


Simply decide the way you want to manage your funds!

It offers you the benefits of performing your day to day transactions via internet fast, easy and secure, providing you with real time and continuous information regarding your account via ibank, the electronic Bank of USB BANK PLC, wherever you are:

  • Funds transfers between accounts
  • Loan instalments and card payments
  • Utility bills payments
  • Creation and monitoring of standing orders and direct debits
  • Issue of cheque book
  • Option for obtaining Visa Electron Credit Card for:
    • Money withdrawals 24 hours a day through our ATMs
    • Purchases from shops and via internet
    • Participation in the ‘funPoints’ scheme

icount is offered exclusively to the existing customers of USB BANK PLC, who are subscribers of ibank.
Customers who have not yet subscribed to ibank, will automatically become subscribers with their icount application.
Customer Service and management of icount is performed via electronic channels, ibank and ATMs.
Money withdrawals and transfers from icount through our branches, is not allowed.

  Terms and Conditions of icount
  Terms and Conditions of ibank

icount from ibank……just a click away!!